Insulite Laboratories  
"I started the Insulite PCOS treatment on 5th Feb last month and found out last Friday that I am 2-3 weeks pregnant. This is fantastic news because I have never ever gotten pregnant before.

I am now living proof that this treatment works. Its Amazing!!!!"
Natalie Andrews
"I have been on the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System for one year. Within that year I have lost 76 pounds and my glucose level has improved. I followed the plan provided and have also become physically fit. I am able to exercise 2+ hours a day and hike difficult treks at the parks without fatigue. I feel better and healthier than I have in a very long time. I wish to tell others what a wonderful system this is. I have ordered another year of the Pre-Diabetes System and expect that the improvements will keep coming."
Austin, TX
"I am doing fabulous. I've lost 13 pounds and don't have the cravings for carbs. My periods are normal again and no more gaining 6-8 pounds every month and keeping a couple of those pounds each time. No more severe mood swings. I've reduced my Metformin in half and the handfuls of hair aren't coming out anymore.

This is an awesome program!"
Julie Nylander
Aliso Viejo, CA
"I just bought the Insulite PCOS and will be starting as soon as I get rid of my Bronchitis hopefully in the next couple days. I would like to start off by saying I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 13years old I am now 26, I have dealt with excess hair growth and a lot of women as for myself is the most embarrassing thing to talk about but I would like to just say ITS NOT OUR FAULT, I have facial hair and I mean facial hair itís a full blown beard, I have chest hair breasts, stomach etc, I have a couple patches on my back, the funny thing is the only place I don't have hair is on my hips and lower back maybe because of electric therapy I had when I was 17 due to lumbar back problems. I don\'t have acne although for a lot of us ingrown hair looks just like it and that I have a lot of mostly chest and breasts. I am moody very low energy although mentally I have tons.

I am 340lbs at 5'6 I am pretty firm except under my arms and my lower stomach. Exercise is hard especially when you are the only one doing it, motivation/competition is hard to find. The one thing that has really developed over the past year or so is Inflammation, boy that is just outta control, I am so swollen especially on my legs and feet that it is more than 5x the size it should be, I mean you can take your finger and go up and down the leg and just move I think water I'm not sure and just watch it move. I apologize for being a little graphic but I want other women out there to know your not the only 1. I have only read on the internet of other women like me but don\'t know anybody else. Its kinda lonely.

But praise the Lord that after all these years of following Insulite Laboratories I finally ordered the pills and am now going for laser hair removal on my face. I hope anything I said is useful to someone and I will be doing a follow up after a week of starting my PCOS Insulite pills."
Jennifer M.
Aurora, CO
"The system is working wonderfully. I've been able to discontinue using Metformin, I've lost over 25 lbs., and I continue to see an improvement of all my other PCOS and IR symptoms. I am extremely satisfied with your product and the results Iíve experienced have me looking forward to a "normal" and healthy future."
Nicole Oliver
Deltona, FL
"My name is Cecilia and I'm writing to you from Finland. I was diagnosed with PCO by a health care professional earlier this year. I have fighted these problems [symptoms] with many methods including healing, acupuncture, GDV-theraphy and Clomifen. I have also tried vitamins, herbs, yoga and meditation (and all kinds of hair removment treatments). I have exercised regularly and been eating healthy vegetarian food.

I started the PCO-programme from Insulite labs in mid-october 2008. I noticed an immidiate respons from my digestion system. I immidiately started wisting toilet for number two every morning. This had before been around every second evening. I felt this betterment of my digestion system, and the fatigue largely lifted. It was no problem for me to exercise about one hour every evening, and plan and cook superhealthy meals. This added further to the lifting of the fatigue, and I managed to limit my intake of coffe to five small cups a day... (I have been heavily addicted to coffe because of the fatigue and demands from workplace, and been drinking up to 10 cups a day, just to manage myself trough the day.) I had a period i late-october, but none in november. I continously felt more energized than for many years though. I kept my commitment for food and exersice and limited coffe cups to only three a day in weekends. This was ongoing and easy betterments.

In late december the fatigue started to dig in again. Rest couln't beet it, and it was no longer possible to exercise daily. But I pushed myselt as far as I could. I had no period in december either. I also noticed a problem with my trousers. They was getting too tight arong the middle. I decided to have a preganany test in the beginning of january. It was positive.

After five years of waiting and figthing. Thank you, Cecilia"
"I am 28 years old and I never got a period unless I was on birth control. A year ago, I decided to stop taking birth control after being on it for 12 years. My OBGYN was not happy at all since she said that there is no cure for PCOS, I have to take birth control to bring on a period. For the last year, I have tried to eat an all organic diet, several supplements, acupuncture, and chinese herbs. A lot of money and no success. I was so discouraged, I thought that no matter how healthy my lifestyle was, I wouldn't ever be able to get my period without the use of hormones.

I ordered the Insulite PCOS System as my last resort before I went back on the birth control pill. I can't believe it, but I just started taking PCOS system on Monday, March 3rd and I got my period today - a week after beginning this program. I can't believe it! For the first time ever, I got my period without needing the birth control pill. I feel so lucky that I found this site, thank you so much!"
Julie Foley
Reading, MA
"Ever since I started the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System my blood glucose levels dropped 15%.

It's reassuring to know that there is help for me and other people with Pre-Diabetes."
Honolulu, HI
"I started the Insulite PCOS System a couple weeks ago and what a major difference it has made in my health. I'm not as fatigued as I use to be. For the first time in a long time I have more energy and it's increasing daily. My sweet tooth is almost gone. I have more control over what I put in my mouth. I don't wake up hungry any more. I'm working out 3 days a week and not feeling exhausted after 30 minutes. My waistline is finally starting to SHRINK. I've lost a lot of water weight and still losing. Which is so shocking because on any other program I've been on by the 5th day my body starts to retain fluids. Not with this system.

Only 2 weeks into this program and I've seen more results than I've ever seen with anything else. I don't know what I'll be saying 3, 6, 9 or 12 months from now. I'm looking forward to a healthier me in 2008 and I say this with confidence because I have the Insulite PCOS System on my side.

Thank you once again for what you have done. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate each of you!!"
Denise L.
"I want to say thank you to the Insulite program. My blood sugar is normally below 90 every morning. I exercise at Curves 6 days a week, as well as walk my dogs for 30 minutes most days and have been raking leaves and digging a koi pond . More than anything I feel more energetic! I have also cut carbs and don't miss them. I eat vegetables, chicken and fish and have lost about 55 pounds, plus inches, since October 2007. I look forward to losing another 80-100 pounds. I fit into the jeans I got married in 8 years ago.

The booklet you send out with the supplements helped, definitely. Eating healthy and exercising works. My cramps are not painful, and my period is normal compared to not at all for most of 2 years. Thank you."
Alicia Massingill
"I have been on the Insulite PCOS system for a little over 3 months now and it is truly a miracle. I feel energized, healthy, and most importantly: normal. A couple of months ago I decided to go off the birth control pill just to see if I could get a period on my own. I'm on my 2nd consecutive menstrual cycle which hasn't happened since I was a teenager or without the help of birth control pills. I'm currently 30 years old and am having periods on my own, Amazing! I never thought this would happen. Especially since both my daughters were conceived with the help of Glucophage and Clomid.

Thank you to all of those who have taken the time and energy to put together a system that can help people feel normal and enjoy life the way you should. Not to mention all the ingredients in the Insulite PCOS System are healthy and can be taken without having any negative side effects. I'm forever in debt!"
Heather Siegle
Waukee, IA
"In less than 3 weeks I've started losing weight again after being "stuck" on Weight watchers for about a year. I've lost about 4 lbs since starting Insulite but more significantly my blood pressure is well within normal limits now and I can tell my metabolism is better. I am not getting that slump between meals and am able to control between-meal snacking, and I have a lot of energy throughout the day rather than periods where I need to nap. I just ordered the 6 months supply. Thank you!"
Teresa Ruth
Boise, Idaho
"I started taking Insulite PCOS system in early November 2005 after hearing about you through the internet and by the end of December I was pregnant. I am just thrilled that I have been so lucky and don't know what I would have done if I hadn't discovered Insulite and I want to thank you all very much for helping me achieve my wish."
Katie McKay
"I have been on the Insulite System for approx 3 months. I have lost 33 lbs, my liver functions are normal and my A1C came back at 5.1, down from 8.03 months ago. I was taking 10 Glucovance pills daily, now I take only 2 pills in the AM. My blood sugar is normal, my energy is higher than it has been in years and I feel great. Insulite along with a change in my diet has changed my life.

I tell everyone that asks me what I have done to change my life, about the Insulite program. Your product is fantastic. I have cut out all sweets, flour, dairy and have no cravings."
Marta Garcia
Santa Ana, CA
"After everything I had read I never thought we could conceive naturally, and am absolutely stunned, amazed, and blessed to have conceived after being on the Insulite System for only two months. I had already noticed a healthier level of energy and a huge decrease of sugar cravings having been on the system for about a month, but to actually be pregnant with no medical or pharmaceutical intervention, such as Clomid is truly awesome. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to have experienced the incredible benefits of these supplements. I hope other women achieve such beautiful results on the system also. I really don't know how to say thank you!."
Jill Wheeler
Naples, FL
"First of all, I am thankful to INSULITE LABS research for such a wonderful recovery plan for patients with PCOS. I have been on the supplements for less than 10 days and I already notice some physical changes -- including reduced acne and body weight.

"It is true that every woman with PCOS needs to know about your products and I am glad that it is not just a product marketing strategy but designed to help patients truly feel better and recover.

"Please convey my sincere thanks to Dr. Mary Shackelton, Medical Director, for her vision."
Danbury, CT
"I would like to tell you how happy I am with the results I have seen in myself for the past three months since I started the Insulite System.

"I am starting my fourth month and have now lost 23 lbs. and 3-5 inches. Plus, for the first time in my life I have had my period for two consecutive months and they didn’t last as long as usual. Of course, my acne and facial hair have lessened also."
Amanda Ward
Las Vegas, NV
"In three weeks I have lost 3 pounds, my sugar level has dropped about 10 points on average, my face has cleared up dramatically, and I feel a lot better overall.

"I have told everyone I know about your product and I have been a walking billboard this week! I have had several compliments on my new found appearance...color in my checks, very little acne and my face looks great and even with just 3 pounds gone people are asking me if I have lost weight!

"I think that every woman that even thinks she may have PCOS needs to know about your products. Especially the women who have been told that they cannot have children because of infertility from PCOS. Every woman should have the joy of having a child and with PCOS that is a very rare occasion.

"I believe in your product and I would like to get it out there so women will have a choice."
Nina Madewell
Dickson, TN
"I was diagnosed with being Pre Diabetic several years ago. I have tried to control it with diet buy my blood sugars just seemed to creep up as the months went by. Dr. Shackleton suggested that I try the Insulite Pre-DiabetX System.

I noticed that as I tested my blood sugars daily they seemed to be going down little by little. Then I ran out of the Pre-DiabetX and my blood sugars seemed to be slowly creeping up again. That was the only difference in my routine.

I really believe Insulite Pre-DiabetX is the one factor that is making a difference."
Broomfield, Colorado
"I have been on the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System for 6 months now. I have lost 52.5 lbs and am walking 5 miles a day, 6 days a week. I feel great! I still have a hard time believing that this has worked so well and so easily. I have tried to lose weight for years and had even come to the point of gaining weight while fasting.

When I read about Insulin Resistance it described me perfectly. The Insulite System made complete sense. I have followed the entire plan and the results are astounding. God has used the Insulite System to change my life. Your support has been tremendous! Thank you for being there for me."
Sheryl Ward
Hernando, MS
"I cannot believe the difference the Insulite System has made in how I feel. My appetite has changed tremendously. I do not crave carbs and sugar and my appetite is somewhat diminished."
Bakersfield, CA
"When I started using the Insulite System and paying more attention to the nutrition plan, my carbohydrate and sugar cravings vanished almost overnight.

I simply could not believe that I was no longer plagued by these cravings. I feel 100% better and have tons of energy. I sleep a lot better also.

I cannot recommend Insulite highly enough. I have recommended it to friends and they are having the same excellent results. It is such a relief to have finally found a way to keep my blood sugar levels under control.

Thank you Insulite Labs!"
Diane Wilson
Tryon, N.C.
"I started your product and found it really boosts my system, helping me get off ground zero, and stop the spiral downwards. It gave me the energy to start exercising and prepare healthy meals.

You are all very supportive, even though I am on the other side of the world (Australia). I am very glad that I am on your product, your weekly messages are also very encouraging, when I am finding things a bit harder. Thank you for everything."
Perth, Australia
"I've been using the Insulite System for many months now, with great results. I saw evidence that my own Insulin Resistance was responding almost immediately by the weight loss results I'm getting. Three weeks into the program, I was pleasantly surprised that I had already lost 8 pounds. I was previously taking many of the ingredients separately on my own. I was spending a small fortune each month and couldn't get the precise synergistic blend that makes the Insulite System so effective."
Kelly Crowther, AIA
Denver, CO
"I have reduced my waist size considerably after only 5 months of the Insulite System. At age 67, I look and feel great and have recommended Insulite to my daughter. Our entire family has benefited from the carbohydrate reduction guidelines in your Nutrition Plan."
"I have been using the Insulite System for 4 months. My stamina has changed throughout the day, I have lost about 13 pounds, I do not feel like I am dieting and I can fit the exercise into my day so easily. I was a disbeliever that you could lose weight without having to spend hours per day in the gym."
Jerry Coleman
Scottsdale AZ
"The Insulite System has helped me to lose 20 lbs following the birth of my son. Your recommendations on diet and exercise have had a positive influence on my husband, who has lost 9 lbs. and kept them off. The results have been astounding!"
"I have been using the Insulite System for about 6 months. I have noticed that my eating habits seem to have transitioned very naturally.... no starvation or denial, I don't crave junk food or sweets anymore!! I have been able to lose about 20 pounds, slowly, safely, and permanently. This is a "for life" program and everyone that has a weight problem should try it!!"
Kat Healy
Jamestown, VA
" I found this system to be very easy to follow, very effective and most of all, it has improved my energy overall. I no longer feel as though I am struggling through the day, I can focus on my work for longer periods of time and I feel my mood swings have been eliminated. Best of all, the weight loss feels effortless. I have lost over 35 pounds in 6 months!!"
Catherine Rogers
Pasadena, CA
"I've gained and lost weight all my life. I thought it would never change. Now I feel there is a real solution to weight loss and keeping it off. I see weight loss completely different than I did before. I feel healthier both physically and emotionally. It's a great system."
Boulder, CO
"Following a low-carbohydrate diet, eliminating old habits, using the therapeutic nutrients and walking more, I have lost over 70 lbs in 10 months. This plan fits into my life and it works!!!"
Leticia Pena
Denver, CO
"I was losing weight but very slowly before working with the Insulite plan. My weight loss has been more consistent and I feel so much more energy. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy and permanent solution to weight loss."
Donna Welty
San Diego, CA
"I finally did it! Last night I ordered the 6 month supply! I am really excited to see how my body responds and look forward to following each element just as Insulite recommends. My choosing to make this investment is in such a large part due to your generosity with your time in responding to my emails and thorough/intelligent answers. Thank you so much!"
Emily Nation
Colorado Springs, CO
"I feel that the Insulite System has been helpful in pushing my daughter so much closer to normal. I've also seen less bottoming-out energy wise and more stable moods, (my daughter) has lost weight and her last cycle was a mere 35 days...practically normal compared to the 7-9 week interims that have become typical."
Warren, NJ
"I started using Insulite 14 months ago and have lost 35 pounds. I have been able to keep my blood sugar more balanced and continue to lose weight at a steady pace that will be lasting and not just a quick fix."
Deborrah U
Golden, CO
"In just my first few days on the Insulite System, I began to feel that my food was being digested more efficiently. Now, I'm feeling more energetic and am experiencing a greater overall sense of well being."
Louisville, CO
"Thank you so much for putting me on the right road!"
Longmont, CO
"Your internet sight has been so educational and made me realise that I'm not going mad and there is a way to control this PCOS.

Although I have never met any of your staff I feel that I get more positive response from you all than my doctors for the last five years.

I'm just so grateful for your organisation. You have given me so much hope and something to look forward to. I feel as if I'm dealing with professionals who care about what happens to their patient."

As women it's vital for us to look good and feel good. It's part of our make up; it's what makes us thrive. This is not about being vain - this is about well being and confidence"
Daniella McKnight
"Thank you for such a quick response- you guys are awesome to work with- I've given your website to my doctor and she is impressed and anxious to look at the PCOS system too!"
"Thank you for being so informative. I'm always amazed about the little known facts you make available. I'm doing my best to lose weight and live a much healthier life."
Linda Anderson
Houston, TX
"I have been studying Insulin Resistance and have been doing quite a bit of research on this subject. I really am impressed by your site as well as the sound of your products to treat this syndrome."
Carrie Power, APN
Elko, NV
"Thank you for taking the time to write such a lengthy and considerate response. Such actions speak of your integrity and dedication."
Rochester, NY
"I thank you for your devotion to disbursing information. I am pleased with the attention I have received and appreciate the customer service."
Littleton, CO
"I was researching Syndrome X and was quite drawn to your sound explanations. This is an answer to everyone's health problems, it seems."
Victorville, CA
"I want to thank you for answering all my questions. I am very pleased for your quick response and for the wonderful service you have provided me with. I am happy now that I know what to do and how to help my wife with her problem."
Orlando, FL
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