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With the launch of Viewpoints, a monthly e-newsletter, our goal is to provide you with further information on healing Insulin Resistance, the latest research on weight loss and practical advice to accelerate your success.

At Insulite Laboratories, we recognize the level of commitment required in undertaking a life-changing weight loss program and we want to help you make this vital transition.

Whether you're already participating in or considering the Insulite System, we fully support your decision to improve the quality of your life.

"Continuous effort -not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential."
                                                 - Winston Churchill

Go easy on yourself!
This is a process and it will take time.


Insulin Resistance - A Gender Link?

Scientists from the UK's University of Dundee are conducting the Early Bird study to establish why certain children are Insulin Resistant. It focuses on 307 healthy 4-and 5-year olds whose weight, height, physical activity, resting energy expenditure and Insulin Resistance will be tracked until age 16.

Already, researchers have discovered that, at age 5, girls have a 35% higher incidence of Insulin Resistance than boys. Additionally, the girls have 26% more fat, despite similar body weights to their counterparts. Even after adjusting height and weight variables and physical activity, girls remain 33% more Insulin Resistant than boys. Triglycerides were found to be significantly higher in girls, while their good cholesterol (HDL) was lower than in boys.

Investigators say this study shows evidence that prepubertal girls are intrinsically more Insulin Resistant than boys. They suggest that sex-linked genes may explain this difference but the nature of these genes remains unclear.

SOURCE: Pediatrics, 2004; 113:82-86.


May Improve Fertility, Menstrual Problems

After a few months of dieting, improvements have been found in women who experience hormonal problems that affect infertility and menstrual regularity. Significantly, researchers found these improvements to be related to restriction of calories rather than type of diet.

Study subjects were placed in high or low protein diet groups (e.g. the high protein group consumed 30% protein and 40% carbohydrates. The low protein group consumed only 15% protein and equal amounts of carbohydrates.) All study participants ate 1,400 calories per day for 12 weeks and exercised three times a week.

Researchers concluded that both groups experienced roughly the same amount of weight loss and the same decrease in body fat and insulin levels.

SOURCE: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2003:88:812-819.

DR. MARY'S VIEW:     "A variation in diet can still produce the    desired outcome."

We as Americans tend to get really focused on one diet or one plan and, historically, these diet "fads" and "trends" tend to come and go. It is rewarding to learn from this study that a variation in diet can still produce the desired outcome of weight loss, given attention to sensible choices and regular exercise.

Another key aspect of this study revealed new findings in the area of infertility and menstrual irregularity that affect the 20% of menstruating women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Researchers found that many previously infertile women conceived within the study period of 16 weeks, and several others experienced the return of normal menstruation.

Both findings are important to understanding how to keep women healthy! The lowering of insulin and body fat are vital health goals for women of all ages, but particularly for those with hormone related problems.

Dr. Mary Shackelton is the Medical Director of Insulite Laboratories.


Myth: Fat in your diet makes you gain weight.

Fact: Our culture has become so fat "phobic" that, as a result, we avoid all types of fats. In doing so we have increased our carbohydrate intake and obesity is at an all-time high.

Increasing fat in our diet has many benefits: it will stabilize blood sugar thereby reducing the possibility of food cravings and it will also stabilize and improve hormone production. Adding fat will decrease the time we reach satiety or fullness - you will be satisfied faster and stay satisfied longer following a meal.


Q. If I already have Diabetes can I take Insulite?

A. Yes, Insulite has beneficial elements to support insulin and glucose function. While the goal of the Insulite System is to decrease the production of insulin, the supplements are also designed to reduce the damaging effects of having elevated blood sugar and insulin.

The antioxidant protection in the nutritional supplements is high quality, potent and specialized. Additionally, the diet and exercise plans are very healthful for people with Diabetes.

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" I have been able to lose about 20 pounds, slowly,
safely and permanently within six months. "
- Kat Healy, Jamestown, VA



Research shows that you can significantly improve your health by losing as little as 10 - 20 pounds. If you are overweight, you are more likely to develop problems such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, gout and gallbladder disease. Extra weight can also cause an increase in osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Measure your health risks in inches.
Waistlines of 35-plus inches for women and 40-plus for men indicate a greater chance of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

"Go as far as you can see..when you get there you'll see further."
                  - Latvian proverb

Keep this phrase in mind when you are pursuing your goals.
You'll be amazed how far you can go!


Just as spring approaches gradually, you can introduce exercise into your daily routine slowly and strategically. Everyday activities can be matched with movements to boost your weight loss. This is multi-tasking that can really pay off for you!

TALK & TUCK: A ringing 'phone is your signal to back up against a clear wall, stand comfortably with feet slightly apart on secure flooring and bend your knees slightly. As your press your belly button toward your backbone, squeeze your inner thighs and feel your bottom tuck. Hold for 20 seconds and release. Repeat until you hang up the 'phone.

Advanced Planning Pays Off. There's no need to go scavenging in your refrigerator and searching kitchen shelves for what may - or may not - be a healthy, satisfying snack. Being hungry may intensify your search and result in poor choices!

Plan ahead for meals and snacks with the following tips:
  • Designate one area in the refrigerator or pantry for your food.
  • Ask roommates, significant and otherwise, to respect your "space" and your commitment to weight loss.
  • Give away or dispose of any quick snack items that will only temporarily stave off hunger. Out of sight, out of temptation.
  • Evaluate your selection on a daily basis to ensure freshness, variety and availability of high-protein foods, green leafy vegetables and low-carb fruits.
  • Place pre-measured snacks in containers or plastic bags to avoid overbites!

You are well on your way to achieving your desired weight loss goal and the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Remember that persistence is the key.
We at Insulite Laboratories are invested in your success and your well being.

We're here to help you. Please contact us with any questions or to order the Insulite System at

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