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July 2008

Dr. DeLuca

Dr. Heather DeLuca of Insulite Laboratories' Medical and Advisory Team received her Naturopathic Degree and B.S. in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Washington state. Her particular interests include research in the fields of nutrition, diet and nutrient therapies. She coaches Insulite Laboratories' customers on their insulin-related conditions through the company's comprehensive outreach program. At her practice in Kingston, Pennsylvania, Dr. DeLuca specializes in counseling as well as nutritional, botanical, orthomolecular and physical medicines.

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Keeping physically fit and losing weight with regular exercise and a healthy diet could help to ward off the advance of the dementia disorder called Alzheimer's Disease.

American researchers came to that conclusion after studying a group of people aged over 60, around half of whom were in the early stages of the degenerative brain condition.

Those with Alzheimer's had four times more signs of brain shrinkage than those who were fit. Dr Jeffrey Burns, of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, said his team's study in the journal Neurology was one of the first to look at whether exercise could affect the progress of the illness.

His volunteers underwent a treadmill test to see how fit they were and then their brains were scanned for shrinkage, which is one way of measuring the severity of Alzheimer's Disease.

While there was no relationship between brain size and exercise in people tested who did not have Alzheimer's, Dr Burns said the four-fold difference in those who did was evidence that exercise might help.

"People with early Alzheimer's Disease may be able to preserve their brain function for a longer period of time by exercising regularly and potentially reducing the amount of brain volume lost," he said.

"Evidence shows decreasing brain volume is tied to poorer cognitive performance, so preserving more brain volume may translate into better cognitive performance."

Susanne Sorensen, head of research at the Alzheimer's Society, said: "Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, delivering oxygen and nutrients to brain cells.

"This is one possible explanation why dementia progresses slower in people who are physically fit."

An underlying cause of excess weight and obesity-linked Alzheimer's Disease is the imbalance of glucose and insulin called Insulin Resistance.

However, this latter condition can be reversed, leading to weight loss.
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After one of the longest and largest studies of rival weight-loss regimes, a low-carb diet and a Mediterranean-style approach helped people lose more weight than a traditional low-fat diet.

All three regimens achieved weight loss. But researchers also discovered that the low-carb diet improved cholesterol levels more than the other two. Some experts had predicted the opposite.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the study was remarkable not only because it lasted two years - much longer than most - but also because of the huge proportion of people who stuck with the diets namely 85% of participants.

The research was carried out in the controlled environment of an isolated nuclear research facility in Israel. The 322 participants received their main meal of the day, lunch, at a central cafeteria, which was far from fast food outlets. In the cafeteria, the appropriate foods for each diet were identified with colored dots, using red for low-fat, green for Mediterranean and blue for low-carb.

In the cafeteria, the appropriate foods for each diet were identified with colored dots, using red for low-fat, green for Mediterranean and blue for low-carb.

As for breakfast and dinner, the dieters were counseled on how to stick to their eating plans and were asked to fill out questionnaires on what they ate.

The low-fat diet focused on grains, vegetables and fruits as well as low-fat offerings like lean meat. The Mediterranean diet had similar calorie, fat and cholesterol restrictions, emphasizing poultry, fish, olive oil and nuts.

The low-carb diet set limits for carbohydrates, but none for calories or fat. It urged dieters to choose vegetarian sources of fat and protein.

Most of the participants were men and both sexes got roughly equal amounts of exercise.

Average weight loss for those in the low-carb group was 10.3 pounds after two years. Those in the Mediterranean diet lost 10 pounds, and those on the low-fat regimen dropped 6.5.

The low-carb approach also seemed to trigger the most improvement in several cholesterol measures, including the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL "good" cholesterol.

Experts do say, however, that the low-fat diet in the study allowed more fat than the American Heart Association recommends.

Among the 36 Diabetic participants, only those on the Mediterranean diet lowered blood sugar levels. Among the 45 women, those on the Mediterranean diet lost the most weight.
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Last month we focused on treadmills. This month we look at the health benefits of elliptical trainers, which are fairly new to the family of fitness equipment.

Elliptical trainers allow the athlete to burn a similar number of calories as jogging while reducing the risk of injury to the back, knees, hips and ankles.

Your feet never leave the pedals. As a result, this type of machine is quite low-impact and goes easy on the joints. In fact, whereas exercising on a treadmill requires your body to absorb the impact force of walking or running, exercising on an elliptical can be compared to running in midair.

As a result, this type of exercise equipment may very well be one of the best choices for older people or for individuals who are recovering from a joint injury.

Elliptical machines mimic the normal elliptical motion of the foot, the extension of the leg and the rotation of the hip during walking or running. This motion uses all the leg muscles, giving you a total lower-body workout.

Elliptical motion machines also simultaneously work the upper body (unlike the treadmill, which works only the lower body)! As the feet go through their elliptical motion, the hands grip the moving handlebars, exercising the arms.

The movement of the dual handlebars mimics cross-country skiing. Now, this particular type of workout may not necessarily pump you up to look like a bodybuilder. But because you are including the upper 30% of your body in your workouts, the results will be more efficient.

Because elliptical trainers work the upper and lower body simultaneously, the heart rate climbs more quickly. Thus, less time is required to achieve more results. The amount of energy expended is optimized. As the legs are being worked, the back, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps are also working...making it possible to burn more calories in less time. (An optimal workout need only be about 20-30 minutes long.)

The foot pedals can be worked in a forward or reverse direction. When you change the direction of the pedals, you'll target your lower body in different ways.

The intensity level can be adjusted on elliptical equipment to fit your personal level of fitness. Resistance may be added as desired to increase the workload on your legs throughout the forward or backward stride.

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Ever wondered if honey is better for you than sugar because it's natural?

Honey does contain antioxidants and some nutrients that sugar doesn't have.

But the drawback is that the good things in honey come in very small amounts. In fact, you'd have to eat more than even Winnie the Pooh could probably manage to derive a significant benefit.

Something else to consider: honey has 60 calories per tablespoon compared to 46 for sugar.

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Overweight and obese women are prone to PCOS but females of normal healthy weight and even those who are lean are also vulnerable.

PCOS can strike women of child-bearing age and those who are post-menopausal.

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